At the Tip of Your Fingers


Theatre performance:


Translator: Aljoša Vrščaj

Director: Jean-Claude Berutti

Dramaturge: Diana Koloini

Stage design and costumes:
Rudy Sabounghi

Co-author of costumes: Michael Ross

Composer: Janez Dovč

Proofreader: Jože Faganel

Performed by: Polona Vetrih

Musicians: Janez Dovč, Goran Krmac

Mini teater
Jewish Cultural Center Ljubljana

Seven seconds is a duration of the scene in which, for the first time in the history of art cinema, a naked woman appeared. This scene made Hedy Lamarr  famous - and perhaps even destroyed her. She was celebrated in Hollywood as the most beautiful woman in the world, but she was also quickly kicked out. She was also the author of important technological inventions, and her invention of Frequency-Hopping is now regarded by some as the forerunner of Wi-Fi, though she was not celebrated at the time. She was an extraordinarily beautiful and highly intelligent woman, but she did not have a happy life. It was shaped by the mass murder of Jews, anti-Semitic Vienna, the insecurity of movie fame, possessive men and deceitful wealth, alcohol and loneliness. Her story, though extraordinary, is also a story about XX century.

Shows: 13 and 24 October at 20.00
at the Mini Theatre, Križevniška1, Ljubljana.

Tickets are available at the Mini teater box office and via Eventim.


On Friday, 16 September 2022, the Jewish Cultural Centre Ljubljana and Mini teater hosted the Jewish Cuisine event as part of the festival House of Tolerance 2022. It was the last shabat before the great holiday, before Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year. We prepared a Shabbat dinner with a wonderful chicken goldzip soup and matzoh dumplings and challah for Shabbat and Rosh Hashanah (with honey), then we went through the dishes for the Jewish holidays of Pesach, Purim, Hanukkah and finally prepared a selection of dishes for Rosh Hashanah. The great chef Siniša Martin Mars helped preparing the food according to the recipes of the director of Jewish Cultural Center Ljubljana and Mini teater, Robert Waltl. All of this was accompanied by music by excellent musicians.

On 5 September 2022, we opened the 8th edition of the House of Tolerance Festival 2022 - The House of Others, which will run until 21 September 2022, at the Mini teater and the Jewish Cultural Centre Ljubljana. This year's festival will give the audience the opportunity to see some of the most engaging films of the latest production, focusing on tolerance, human rights, the relationship between the individual and the state, social engagement, as well as topical and important issues such as media propaganda, refugees, wars and the culture of remembrance. More than fifteen films from the USA, Poland, the Netherlands, Myanmar, Denmark, France, Germany, Israel, Sweden, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Canada will be screened at the festival.


All films are subtitled in English and Slovenian.

A very important part of the festival is a special programme for primary, secondary schools and colleges - the Education Morning programme. This year, it will be marked by film screenings and talks with a number of guests on topics related to tolerance.

In the theatre programme, audiences will be able to watch performances of La Machine de Turing, Seven Seconds Eternity, The Little Match Girl and Birds of a kind. Musicians Sigrid Hagn piano and Romane Rauscher viola will perform Ariela, a concert project dedicated to Jewish women composers and the preservation of their music and the memory of the horrors they experienced. The festival will also include the launch of Tvrtko Jakovina's book Budimir Lončar od Preka do vrha svijeta, which will be addressed by the last Yugoslav Minister of Foreign Affairs, and a special programme dedicated to Jewish cuisine.

All programmes of the House of Tolerance Festival, except the theatre programme, are free of charge for visitors. Tickets can be picked up at the Mini teater box office. The full programme of festival events can be found at 

In 2022, the Festival is supported by Municipality of Ljubljana – Department for culture, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia, U.S. Embassy Ljubljana, Embassy of Israel, Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Austrian cultural forum Ljubljana, French Institute in Slovenia, Embassy of Poland.


On Friday, 2 September 2022, there was a symbolic commemoration with the ceremonial laying of the stumbling stones - stolpersteine in front of the Cukrarna Gallery in Ljubljana of more than 150 Jewish refugees, mostly from Croatia, who were expelled from their homes during the Nazi regime and found temporary safety in Cukrarna in Ljubljana in 1941. From there they were later deported to Italy, many of them taken to concentration camps in Europe where they were murdered.

The ceremony was attended by the Rabbi of the Liberal Jewish Community of Slovenia, Alexander Grodensky, the Cantor of the Munich Synagogue, Nikola David, the Chief Rabbi of Croatia and Montenegro, Moše Prelević, the President of the National Assembly, Urška Klakočar Zupančič, the Vice-Mayor of the Municipality of Ljubljana, Dejan Crnek, historian and curator Dr Blaž Vurnik, actors from the Mini Theatre and the Yiddishpiel Theatre from Israel, as well as ambassadors to Slovenia, representatives of the diplomatic corps and relatives of Holocaust survivors.

Street performance:



Idea and scenario: Robert Waltl

Written by: Vinko Möderndorfer

Director: Yonatan Esterkin

Costume designer: Claudi Sovre

Cast: Hanna Hill, Nathan Hecht, Omer Rozenblum, Nika Korenjak, Barbara Vidovič, Timotej Novaković, Tadej Pišek

Kletzmer band: Tomaž Zevnik – klarinet, Aleksander Jovetić – violina, Žiga Vehovec - harmonika

Mini teater
Jewish Cultural Center Ljubljana

Yiddishpiel Theater, Tel Aviv

The performance is supported by: Municipality of Ljubljana, Turizem Ljubljana - Visit Ljubljana and Embassy of Israel

In the street play-performance Jewish Life in Ljubljana, for which the script and text were prepared by Robert Waltl and Vinko Möderndorfer, actors from Mini teater and Yiddishpiel teater from Israel have joined together, under the direction of the Israeli director Yonatan Estrkin, already well-known to the Slovenian audience. In eight scenes they will present a fragment of pre-war Jewish life in Ljubljana with Jewish customs and celebrations, as well as the occupation and the Holocaust period in Ljubljana, when thousands of refugees joined the local Jews, first from Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland, and after 1941, especially hundreds of Croatian Jews, who were persecuted by the NDH and found a temporary safe haven in Ljubljana. The performance will then take us through the persecution of the Jews of Ljubljana and their deportation to the extermination camps, to their participation in the Liberation Front and the partisan units. All of this will be linked by Jewish music, performed live by musicians from the Kletzmer Trio. The performance will be in Slovene, Hebrew and Yiddish with simultaneous translation.

Shows: 30 and 31 August at 20.00
On Križevniška Street in Ljubljana.

The performance is free of charge.


April 26
Holocaust Remembrance Day in Slovenia

Before the Second World War, the largest Jewish population in Slovenia lived in Prekmurje. We commemorate the Slovenian victims of the Holocaust in various Slovenian cities on April 26, the anniversary of the beginning of the mass deportations of Jews from Prekmurje.

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US Ambassador visit

Today, on the occasion of the Slovenian Holocaust Remembrance Day

Today at the Jewish Cultural Center Ljubljana and at the headquarters of the Liberal Jewish Community of Slovenia, we were visited by the USA Ambassador, HE Mrs. Jamie Lindler Harpootlian. HE  Mrs. Jamie Lindler Harpootlian and Robert Waltl, director of the Jewish Cultural Center, had a long, friendly and meaningful conversation. They also watched two short movies about the history of the Jewish community in Slovenia and the work of the Jewish Cultural Center Ljubljana with its museum, gallery, library, and synagogue. We look forward to new meetings and collaborations.

WhatsApp Image 2022-04-26 at 5.09.40 PM.jpeg

Traditional reading of names of those who perished in the Holocaust in Slovenia by Robert Waltl

190123 Razstava_Auschwitz Album_foto.miha.fras_025.JPG

Holocaust Remembrance
January 2022

27 09:00

At Šenčur elementary school viewing of the play "Jewish dog" will be organized followed by a lecture and discussion about the Holocaust.


At Mini theater, for elementary and high school students, the showing of the film "Babica" in cooperation with the Polish Embassy. The film will be followed by a discussion. 


Traditional READING OF NAMES OF THOSE WHO PERISHED IN THE HOLOCAUST IN SLOVENIA by Robert Waltl at Jewish Cultural Center Ljubljana.


"The Jewish dog" play about a dog born and raised by a Jewish family during the Holocaust. Moving and shocking story about the Holocaust, directed by Israeli Yonatan Esterkin, based on the script by Asher Kravitz. The play stars Miha Rodman. 
The play will be shown in the Mini thater


Central Slovenia event for International Holocaust Remembrance Day in Murska Sobota. Traditional READING OF NAMES OF THOSE WHO PERISHED IN THE HOLOCAUST IN SLOVENIA.  
Theater Park,
 Štefana Kovača 30, Murska Sobota. Speech by the President of the Republic of Slovenia, Borut Pahor. 

The Jewish Cultural Center serves the social life of urban Jews and foreign visitors by presenting innovative, entertaining, and educational content through theater and puppet shows, concerts, lectures, Jewish holidays, and other social gatherings. Through a close partnership with the Mini Theater, JCC is the epicenter of critical events and festivals and promotes tolerance, inclusion, history, and education from western Slovenia to northeastern Italy.


Hanukkah, also called the Festival of Lights, is a Jewish holiday that commemorates the restoration and re-establishment of the Jerusalem Temple in the 2nd century BC during the Maccabean Wars. According to legend, a supply of olive oil, which was a necessary ingredient for the proper performance of worship in the temple, for oil lamps on the menorah, was enough for just one day. Miraculously, the oil was enough for eight days, and today Jews around the world remember this event by lighting (usually from right to left) an additional candle on a special nine-frame candlestick called the Hanukkiah or Hanukkah menorah every evening. First, the candle that stands in the middle (candle maid) is lit, and with it, every other candle is lit, each following day. While lighting a blessing is recited. At one time, children were given symbolic pocket money on this holiday, but today they are mostly given gifts. During this holiday, we eat mostly donuts, latkes (potato pancakes), and food fried in olive oil, which is supposed to symbolize the oil in the Temple. In addition, we dance, play board games (dreidel) and sing.

Also this year, at the Jewish Cultural Center in Ljubljana, the members of the JCC prepared many Jewish specialties, which visitors were able to take home with them due to the "Covid rules", as group celebrations are prohibited.

The end of the Jewish celebration of Hanukkah 2021

Slovenian Jews conclude the Hanukkah celebration on Sunday on Križevniška Street in front of the Jewish Cultural Center in Ljubljana with the traditional lighting of candles


Jews around the world wrapped up an eight-day Hanukkah celebration on Sunday.

For the last time, they lit candles on a special nine-frame candlestick and remembered the re-establishment of the Jerusalem Temple more than 2,200 years ago.

The ceremony marking the end of the Hanukkah celebration in front of the Jewish Cultural Center in Ljubljana has been organized by the center and Slovenian Jews for several years.

The audience was addressed by the director of the JCC Ljubljana, Robert Waltl, and the Chief Rabbi of Croatia and Montenegro Luciano Moše Prelević, who recited all the blessings and spoke about the holiday and lit the first two candles.

Among those lighting the candles this year were also Mufti dr. Nevzet Porić with his wife Elo, Evangelical Bishop Leon Novak, Mr. Uroš Kolar, and Polona Vetrih, as well as the families of Slovenian Jews Rash, Horjak, and Fischer.

Drama actors Saša Tabaković and Polona Vetrih and musicians Janez Dovč and Goran Krmac took part in the musical program that followed the lighting of the Hanukkiah in the hall of the Mini Theater. Rabbi Prelević once again addressed the audience with inspiration, and Rabbi Alexander Grodensky from Luxembourg also chimed in via the internet to congratulate Hanukkah to Slovenian Jews.

Among the guests attending this year’s lighting of the Hanukkah were the mufti of the Slovenian Islamic community dr. Nevzet Porić, Bishop of Evangelical Church Leon Novak. Among the diplomatic guests were Ambassador of the United Kingdom Ms. Tiffany Sadler, Ambassador of Ireland Mr. Myles Geiran, Ambassador of Croatia Boris Grigić, Ambassador of the Republic of Poland, Mr. Krzysztof Olendzki, Ambassador of France Florence Ferrari, Ambassador of Albania Mr. Pellumb Quazimi, Ambassador of Russia Mr. Ms. Timur Eyvazov, Chargé d'Affaires of the United States Susan Falatko, Aleksandar Gatalica, First Counselor of the Embassy of Serbia. The ceremony was also attended by representatives of the Slovenian cultural, academic, and religious life. The event is organized every year by the Jewish Cultural Center, which also houses a museum, library, memorial to Slovenian victims of the Holocaust, and a Synagogue, all of which are currently under reconstruction. The opening is scheduled for June 2022.


November  28, 2021


Canceled due to COVID 19 

We will however update you with a video on the successful run of the show in Ljubljana 


November 27th 

Adaptation E. T. A. Hoffmann's story "The Nutcracker" on hold due to COVID 19 


December 5th

Hanukkah celebration with Rabbi Prelevic from Zagreb

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October 3, 2021