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Our Work

The Liberal Jewish Community in Ljubljana is a beacon of diversity, culture and understanding. It has opened its doors for all Jews in Slovenia and visiting Slovenia. Even though the Jewish community in Slovenia is small, we were always determined to keep tradition alive, to keep the memory and to give the community a chance to persevere. We have kept alive not just the Jewish religious tradition, but the tradition of Jews banning together, supporting and celebrating each other. The very spirit that preserved the Jewish identity through the years, the spirit that ultimately lives today in Israel, most of all. 
Keepers of the flame, for all Holocaust victims in Slovenia and ultimately the gatekeepers to our ancestors and their lives. It was precisely the Jewish Cultural Center and now the Liberal community that researched, collected and preserved the history and memory. 

We were the main Jewish center in Ljubljana that organized large celebrations for every holiday, that organized Shabbat dinners with Kosher food and that organized many traditional and educational events, seminars, debates, book discussions and historical manifesttions. 

Now with the onslaught of many orthodox and otherwise, communities in Slovenia, our community is fighting for our place and our survival. 
We have envisioned a community center that will hold all three pillars of our community under one roof. 
The history in the form of a museum with a permanent Holocaust exhibition. 
The religion in the form of a synagogue and shabbat celebration hall. 
The culture in the form of a cultural center with a workshop and exhibition space. Adjacent are the halls of the Mini theater which brings Jewish culture from all over the world, to its stage in Ljubljana. 

All this is already well underway, but in order to complete our vision, we need your help. 

Let us take you through a journey of what was already achieved and what can be achieved if you decide to be a part of it.

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Restoring and adding Judaica

The new Jewish Center will be located in the historic city center of Ljubljana, in a preserved building from [YEAR] that has been restored.

The visual identity of the center is extremely important to us as it is part of the Jewish tradition. We devoted painstaking efforts to recreate [PERIOD] Judaica on the walls. This will go well with the extensive collection already gathered and recovered by the Community. 


Mobility and access

The Synagogue and the [dining area] is located on the second floor, therefore an elevator was installed on the ground floor, for easier access. Since the community has Holocaust survivors as members, attendees using wheelchairs is quite common, therefore we did everything to accommodated their needs. We will need additional funding to complete the elevator and the ramps needed for easy wheelchair access. 

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Interactive instalations 

The Museum area will have a permanent Holocaust installation we are realizing in cooperation with the City of Ljubljana. There are 2 interactive parts to the installation we are gathering funds for. The testimonials hall will be triggered once approached, it will have photos with stories of the survivors and the victims of the Holocaust in Slovenia, narrated in voice over in first person. 

The other part is a room with light that pop up once you stand in the designated spot, and it illuminates two types of projections. One are moving images, archive footage, the other are facts about the Holocaust in Slovenia. 


Classroom and Library 

As part of the Cultural Center on the third floor, there will be a classroom and workshop space where Hebrew lessons, and different cultural and educational session can be held. On this floor there would also be a Library with the rich collection of rare editions and educational material on Judaism will be available. The community also has a sizeable collection of Israeli authors. 

Funds are needed for the completion on the library        (shelves and woodwork) and the classroom furniture. 

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  • Aron hakodesh & parochet; 

  • Pulpit, big enough to put the Torah scroll for reading

  • Prayer books

  • Tanakh/Bible or Torah books; 

  • Kippot; 

  • Tallitot - at least 10; 

  • Kiddush cup; 

  • Challa cover; 

  • Havdalah set;

  • Stained glass windows.

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Needs your support 

  • Classroom furniture and carpentry 

  • School expendable material (pens, notepads, coloring books, color pencils, markers, whiteboards, etc.) 



  • Museum space with a permanent installation about the Holocaust; 

  • Schedule of Jewish-centric plays and talks from Jewish authors and creators. 

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Needs your support 

  • Interactive portraits - portal with lights and sound effects;

  • Interactive tunnel with sensors and stories popping up, and two types of projections one moving images and second facts about holocaust in Slovenia narrated in first person as testimonials of individuals.



  • Schedule of seminars to the end of the year; 

  • Books and material on the history of Slovenian Jewry, the Holocaust and the Slovenian Jewish heritage. 

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Needs your support 

  • Classroom furniture and carpentry 

  • School expendable material (pens, notepads, coloring books, color pencils, markers, whiteboards, etc.) 



  • Restauration of the entire [  ] century building; 

  • 3 floors, the ground floor hosting the the communal area and reception hall, the first floor Synagogue, dining area and Museum Exhibition hall, the second floor the Classroom and Library. 

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Needs your support 

  • Elevator and accessibility ramps; 

  • Heating completion for all floors.

Needs your support 

  • Mezuzot for the main rooms in the Center - 10; 

  • Torah scroll (can also be a donation in the form of a lent Torah scroll); 

  • Prayer book for Kabbalat Shabbat.

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